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The Aristarchus is a solar sail space craft designed to carry a crew of twenty-five men and women to Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Sunlight itself propels the Aristarchus. Click the thumbnails below to see expanded drawings of the Aristarchus.

Because sunlight provides a very gentle force, the sails used for a manned spacecraft must be very large. Each sail on the Aristarchus is nearly five miles long and can pivot on its axis to steer the Aristarchus.
At the center of the sails is the fuselage. This is where the crew lives and works during the voyage. Though the fuselage is small compared to the overall size of the ship, it is still fairly large and contains crew cabins, a galley, labs, and the ship's command and control center.
Command and Control is the nerve center of the Aristarchus. This is where the ship is piloted and where the ship's sensors are located. Note the stylish carpet installed by Quinn Corp.