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The Solar Sea is a novel about humanity's first voyage to the outer planets. Explore the site to learn more about the ship, the crew, and some of the discoveries made along the way.

"The Solar Sea captures the thrill, threats, and theories of exploring the unknown. Summers does what explorers have done for centuries, inspire us to look beyond our own backyards out into the vast possibilities of our imaginations." Nicole Givens Kurtz, author of Zephyr Unfolding and the Cybil Lewis Detective Series

"In The Solar Sea, David Lee Summers creates a page-turning yarn with some of the most dramatic characters I've read in years. You won't want to put it down, and when you're done, you'll only want more." J Alan Erwine, author of The Opium of the People

"The Solar Sea is a high-tech science fiction adventure that spins a new twist on space exploration and alien encounters. Summers' descriptions of technology and scientific theories, along with his alien species, work together to raise the stakes and makes for an entertaining read for teens or adults alike." Erin Durante, author of the Damewood Trilogy

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